We the People @ 250 

We the People @ 250 recognizes the work in progress that is the United States and provides a plan to expand the promise of our founders memorialized in the Declaration of Independence. The project offers a year by year citizen initiated  and driven effort to create a salutogenic experience to all Americans.  We seek to achieve by 2026 an America that more closely resembles the American Creed articulated in 1776. 

We the People @250


Yearly Focus ​

2021 Perinatal / Birth 

2022 First 6 years 

2023 Seven to twelve 

2024 Twelve to Eighteen 

2025 Eighteen to Sixty-five

2026 Sixty-five plus 

Health of The Nation 

Health of the Nation is a process leading to a yearly event that examines and celebrates the improvement of the Health of the Nation along "salutogenic" indicators of individual, community and national thriving and flourishing. Health of the Nation is organized by Citizens4Health, a (small) group of committed citizens  motivated by the belief that citizen engagement will contribute solutions to the big problems  confronting our nation and the world.

Gross Flourishing Product 

The Health of the Nation 2022 provides you with information and data that will help you be part of the national conversation.  We start with information and data that is related to health issues. Taken together, the selected indicators reflect the overall health of the nation and the efficiency and efficacy of U.S. health systems.

Kids Running

Salutogenesis, the process of health creation, is dedicated to the creation of optimal health in each individual. Salutogenesis focuses on maximizing

your health potentiality rather than focusing on pathogenesis, the process of disease creation.