Citizen Brief

                         Biogen & Aduhelm

SUE Biogen: A Citizen Based Approach


Study Aducanumab, and the path to approval 

Understand the Sackler playbook and the drug ecosystem 

Engage with the Aducanumab path within the medical ecosystem for the benefit of the citizens . 

Audeln is a human monoclonal antibody recently approved by the FDA and will be introduced for the care of individuals with Alzheimer's Disease.

As citizens, what can we learn from the process leading to approval and what can we do to paricipate in having optimal outcomes?



A citizen-based process to understand the events associated with 


The Challenge:

To shed a light on the process leading to the approval of the Biogen medication to treat individuals suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.



The FDA’s approval of Audeln (Aducanumab), Biogen's drug to treat Alzheimer’s Dementia, against the recommendation of an expert panel as well as leading clinicians and researchers have been widely reported in the media. Despite the disregard and failure to meet standards for medication approval; its possible inefficacy, severe and potentially deadly side effects, such as brain swelling, the medication is going to have a $ 56,000 a year price tag. 










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