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Theory of Change 

The Citizenism Project theory of change builds on the fundamental democratic principle that the citizen is sovereign.

"The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens." - Alexis de Tocqueville

Pillar # 2:  WWJMD: What Would James Madison Do?

Symptoms and Diseases (Vices)  of the US Political System

James Madison and Public Opinion

Communication and Crowdsourcing







Digital Footprint

Best Practice

The Calendar 

Our citizen oriented strategic plan is a roadmap for the journey to reclaim the role of the citizen within the political ecosystem.

It builds on the understanding of the first principles that were articulated in the Declaration of Independence and informed by the  current challenges confronting the body politic.

The Citizenism Project  contains a number of interconnected  elements: initiatives, programs, and areas of focus that will be made public over the next few years.  


We build on four pillars that will be introduced during the next five years: 

We The People @ 250

What Would James Madison Do? WWJMD 

Americanism and Our Civic Ritual of Freedom

Health and wellbeing

Pillar #3: Americanism and Our Civic Ritual of Freedom

George Washington’s Farewell Address

The Civic Seder Ritual for Thanksgiving

Americanization Day

Constitution Day:  A Time to Reflect


The State of the Union

We invite anyone who shares our vision and mission to take part in our work, suggest topics, pose questions, write posts, and most importantly, contribute to the conversation. 

Here are 3 ways to take action right now 


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Follow the journey by signing up to receive updates   



Join the journey by participating in various  events that will take place.  Utilize the Citizen toolbox. 

Founder & Framer


Become an active participant in setting the journey. Be part of choosing and organizing events.  

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