Strategic Plan

An agreed citizen oriented strategy can serve as a roadmap to understand the current challenges confronting the body politic and to better define a framework for continued involvement within the political ecosystem. A citizen oriented strategic plan, can help focus resources and provide a path to enhancing the vision and the social contract that binds Americans together at a time of growing political partisanship, economic inequality and cultural-religious  strife. The strategic plan will include a collaborative process as well as “rituals” that build on the shared vision and agreed upon institutions.

Citizenism contains a number of interconnected initiatives, programs, and areas of focus that will be made public over the next few years.  We invite anyone who shares our vision and mission to take part in our work, suggest topics, pose questions, write posts, and most importantly, contribute to the conversation. 


Digital tools and strategies to enhance the role of the citizen within their political ecosystem. When it comes to our political life, the potential of digital technology has the potential to enrich American Democracy and provide the tools for 21st-century solutions to the challenges confronting the United States.


The Health of the Nation 2022 provides you with information and data that will help you be part of the national conversation.  We start with information and data that is related to health issues. Taken together, the selected indicators reflect the overall health of the nation and the efficiency and efficacy of U.S. health systems.


We believe that an engaged citizenry, informed, passionate and respectful, is essential not only for our democratic process, but also to achieve result that reflect the “common good” and achieve greatness for our nation