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The Philadelphia Center for Salutogenesis 

The Philadelphia Center for  Salutogenesis envisions healthy, flourishing individuals living in healthy communities supported by a responsive social- political ecosystem that is motivated by and strives to facilitate optimal well being for all citizens.  

Launching  July    2023 



Derived from the Latin salūt-, salūs "safety, well-being, health" + -genesis origin, salutogenesis  is  “a newer way of thinking about health...a manner of monitoring health by promoting well-being rather than measuring disease.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary

Our Mission 

The Philadelphia Center for Salutogenesis' mission is to popularize the salutogenic paradigm;  to contribute to the knowledge base, and to increase the impact it has in multiple spheres. We will study, promote, develop educational and clinical tools, and disseminate the ideas and best practices associated with the salutogenic paradigm, a framework to create, enhance, and improve physical, mental and social well-being. .

The question at the core of the Salutogenic Paradigm

What are  the factors that contribute to the creation and maintenance of optimal well being? 

What conditions allow citizens to thrive and flourish? 

How do we monitor the wellbeing of individuals and communities? 

A half-century ago medical researcher and sociologist Aaron Antonovsky introduced a novel framework for viewing day-to-day health as a point on a continuum ranging from major illness and misery on through to engaged and energized thriving.  Antonovsky applied the term “Salutogenesis” to the focus on movement toward higher levels of health in contrast to traditional emphasis in the medical model on harm and loss of function (movement downward from baseline health, or pathogenesis).

Salutogenesis Along the River of Life 
The First 1000 Days 

The foundations for well-being are largely influenced by what has happened during the first 1000 days from conception to 2nd year of life.


Understanding the factors contributing to child development and flourishing.


Two to Six

Six to Thirteen

Thirteen to 21 


The salutogenic aspects of adult life. Including relationships, parenting, work and belonging in community. 


The purpose of The Elderly in the Salutogenic River of  Life  is to provide a blueprint and a course of action  that reimagines elderhood.

Salutogenesis in  the Health Care System 

The promotion of the Salutogenic Paradigm  in the Medical and public settings.

Clinical Care 

Translational  multidisciplinary clinical practice & dissemination of best practice


Basic and applied interdisciplinary Salutogenic research.


Promote salutogenic informed public engagement and policy. 

Personal Salutogenesis 
My Optimal Health 

Provide education and tools for individuals salutogenic experience of well being. 

Health Promotion 

Salutogenic informed public health activities. 

 Social Salutogenesis 

What constitutes a salutogenic community? How do we measure it? 


Understating and engaging with wellbeing and flourishing activity and measurement. 

Salutogenesis in Settings 

Salutogenesis in working life  explores the  challenging and fast-changing context for health.


How can salutogenic factors impact eduction? What are strategies to create a salutogenic educational experience?


Salutogenic informed understanding and approaching military challenges experienced by soldiers and their families.


The  use of salutogenic understanding to address various challenges within the political ecosystem..


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