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Our Initiatives/ Projects

The Citizenism Project contains a number of interconnected initiatives, programs, and areas of focus that will be made public over the next few years.  We invite anyone who shares our vision and mission to take part in our work, suggest topics, pose questions, write posts, and most importantly, contribute to the conversation. 

The Pillars of The Citizenism Project 

We The People @ 250 

We the People @ 250 recognizes the work in progress that is the United States and provides a plan to expand the promise of our founders memorialized in the Declaration of Independence. The project offers a year by year citizen initiated  and driven effort to create a salutogenic experience to all Americans.  We seek to achieve by 2026 an America that more closely resembles the American Creed articulated in 1776. 

Kids Running

WWJMD:   What Would James Madison Do? 

The WWJMD? project is inspired by the political thinking that is the basis for the “DNA” of our body politic, the US Constitution, and the person who played a central role in the conception and birthing of the United States, James Madison,  the “father of the Constitution”. Grounded in the farsighted vision of the founders, the project is informed by the experience of the past 230 years, by a modern understanding of human nature, and enabled by the assets of modern social life including digital technology and social media.


Americanism & Our Civic Rituals

Americanism & Our Civic Rituals build on George Washington’s farewell address—the letter he wrote to the American people in 1796 after deciding not to run for a third presidential term. The goal is to establish national rituals that affirm the social contract established and fought for by prior generations of Americans.

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