Health of The Nation 


Perinatal / Birth

During 2022 we will focus on the indicators and provide an agenda to maximize the well-being of maternal and fetal health during the first 1000 days. 


Twelve to Eighteen

During 2024 the focus is on the well being as measured by predetermined outcomes for adolescents


First 6 years

During 2022 we will focus on the well being and activities that promote  infant's optimal health in years two to six.


Eighteen to Sixty-five

During 2025 the focus is on the activities that promote adult well being and measure the outcomes of flourishing 


Seven to twelve

During 2023 we focus on the indicators and provide a plan for optimal well being for the children in this age group


Sixty-five plus

During 2026, the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence we focus of the well being of the elderly 

Health of the Nation is an annual gathering in Philadelphia  organized by Citizens4Health, an organization motivated by the belief that citizen engagement will contribute to solutions to the big problems that confront our nation. Our program provides a different approach from the current toxic political debate on how to address the challenges facing our healthcare system (and our nation). The health of the Nation builds on establishing agreed-upon indicators for individual, community and nation. 

Indicators play an important role to monitor progress and to define outcomes. Most western societies measure Gross Domestic Product, a measure of productivity of the national economy. What is not measured is the well being of the people, The Gross Flourishing Product.


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