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Take Action   
Get Political 


Goal: Actions you can undertake within your political ecosystem to optimize your role as a citizen.

Without an informed and involved population, there’s no way to enrich our democracy and ensure that national and local policies serve the needs of the public. Unless individuals call for the change we want to see, we’ll lose out to special interests and the ideological positions of our elected officials.

Questions considered 

  • What is political well being?

  • How responsive is my political ecosystem?

  • Exercise your civic duty locally and nationally to find out where you stand on the issues?

  • How do you view yourself as a citizen?

  • What can I do to be politically engaged? 

The Salutogenic Body Politic  


Goal: Help establish healthy  communities and environment

Purpose: to help you engage in your social environment and health ecosystem in order to achieve optimal wellness and healthy community








The Health of the Nation: Toward Citizen Flourishing 


Achieving the best healthcare outcomes requires a team effort. Take responsibility for your part. Should you need hospital care there are important actions you may take before, during and after the hospitalization to have the best health outcome. Click on the links below for steps you can take, our suggestions and tools may save your life.

Envision Optimal Health Care

Pursuit of Happiness: The   Body Politic


Many of us go on with our lives without ever recognizing that we can enjoy a higher state of wellbeing. We rarely if ever, ask our self if we are thriving or flourishing. The Pursuit of Happiness, an inalienable right articulated in the Declaration of independence, is rarely explored in a holistic manner. We invite you to your own Pursuit of Happiness. 

My Digital Tool Box 

Digital tools and strategies can  enhance  your ability to achieve a  state of well being. The tools and activities offer insights and activities that have the potential to make you healthier, engage socially  and enrich your activity as a citizen.

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Get Political and Take Action With 


The Pain -Opioid Epidemic Project 
Get Political:  Learn about Action that will allow you to achieve the best personal outcome in addressing the challenge of Pain, Opioid Use, and Opioid Dependence

The COVID 19 Pandemic Project 

Get Political: Learn about ways you can minimize your risk to get infected. Actions that will allow you to achieve the best personal outcome in addressing the challenge of the social interventions to limit the spread of the virus. 
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