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On February 7, 2020, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences' Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship brought together over 70 participants from nearly all of its almost 50 listening sessions, as well as Commission members, civic leaders, and philanthropists, to hear from one another and share their work through a series of panels, breakout sessions, and presentations. The day began with a welcome and introduction from Academy president David Oxtoby and an opening performance by Amanda Gorman (04:29), the Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of the United States of America. The first panel (12:37) of the day was moderated by David Oxtoby and featured the Commission’s co-chairs: Stephen Heintz (14:37), Danielle Allen (20:02), and Eric Liu (25:17). They discussed the importance of the listening sessions in guiding the Commission’s work, the virtuous cycle of a healthy democracy, and the practice of democratic citizenship as a right and a responsibility.

Americanization Day is but one expression of the nation-wide endeavor. When Cleveland invited all her citizens who had been naturalized within a twelvemonth to assemble and receive a public welcome, to sit on a platform and be made much of, to listen to national songs and patriotic speeches, and to take home, every man, a flag and a seal of the city, she set a good example which will be widely followed.

Below are some groups engaged in considering the question and promote citizenship and Americanism. 

Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship

The Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship is charged with developing a plan of action for promoting the values, behaviors, and skills needed for effective citizenship and civic participation in a 21st-century democracy.

The Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship's goal is to deepen the national dialogue around democracy, citizenship, and community, by exploring civic engagement and political participation in the United States today and will set out a plan of action for promoting the values and behaviors that define effective citizenship in a diverse 21st-century democracy.

How to celebrate We the People @ 250

The U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission

America250's Mission

To commemorate our 250th anniversary with inclusive programs that inspire Americans to renew and strengthen our daring experiment in democracy

The America 250 Foundation is the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, bringing private sector energy to the Commission’s work and providing the Commission with the financial and staff resources to bring its vision for America 250 to life.

US @ 250

The Civics and Civic Engagement Advisory Council has confirmed and announced their co-chairs, Victoria Hughes and Rajiv Vinnakota. Press Release. 

Rebecca Devine, Maven Communications / 610-608-2618


Philadelphia @ 250 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Academy’s cross-partisan Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship released Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century. The report offers 31 recommendations to strengthen American democracy. Some of those ideas are under consideration in Congress and state legislatures across the country. Others are hot topics of debate for journalists, legislators, and voters.

The Consilience Project ( Daniel Schmachtenberger) & Digital Open Society overlaps significantly with Peter Joseph's "New Human Rights Movement" and some of "The Great Reset" concepts... facilitating new forms of collective intelligence and governance to strengthen open societies. 


The Hannah Arendt Center



Our Vision

iCivics envisions a thriving American democracy supported by informed and civically engaged young people.

Our Mission

We champion equitable, non-partisan civic education so that the practice of democracy is learned by each new generation. We work to inspire life-long civic engagement by providing high-quality and engaging civics resources to teachers and students across our nation.

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