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A citizen commission to explore the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of the various global, national, state, local, non-governmental, and private sector stakeholders. Particular attention is focused on understanding and preparing for the likely impact of the pandemic on individuals, communities, nations, and globally. The citizen’s commission utilizes the framework of the morbidity and mortality (M & M) conference used in the medical setting, to provide an objective, nonpartisan opportunity to examine and improve complex challenges.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Project, of which the Commission is part,  is an ambitious undertaking motivated by the belief that citizens engaged with various levels of government (Federal, State, local), the medical system, the educational system,  law enforcement, as well as private industry,  academic institutions, and social agencies, supported by meaningful information and tools, can have a great impact on difficult, complex challenges facing our nation. The COVID 19  Project tests the hypotheses that citizens, provided with information and tools can be trusted to address the complex problems in their community and nationally. In particular, we explore and address the COVID-19 Pandemic Ecosystem in the United States and globally to provide a citizen-centric, bio-psycho-social-spiritual-political treatment plan for the related challenges the COVID-19 Pandemic.


More specifically, the COVID-19 Pandemic Project is an experiment that engages with fellow citizens and relevant stakeholders to achieve the following.


Our Vision:


By March  2022, every individual who experiences symptoms of the COVID19  infection has access to and is able to receive evidence-based, best practice informed treatment that improves their well-being in outcomes that matter for them.


By March  2022  there are no reported deaths of COVID 19  infection reported in the US.


By January  2023 public health driven considerations as well as social and economic factors  are driving the response to the COVID  19  infection, not political consideration.


By January  2022 a treatment, as well as a vaccine to prevent the virus, is available, and  all  individuals have access to affordable, evidence-based treatment

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