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The Case Presentation 

The Medical Case Presentation represents a framework that summons our fellow citizens to address the challenges confronting us as individuals, as communities and as a nation.  The Medical Case Presentation includes multiple features to engage citizens. Similar to the diagnostic and treatment tools in the hands of medical clinicians, these features can be thought of as a diagnostic and treatment elements for engaged citizenship. In the coming weeks, we will introduce some of the elements and how they are used in addressing the challenges of the opioid epidemic. The effort is a work in progress, links to content at various stages of development is provided.



The Case Presentation structure offers a framework for a citizen-oriented treatment plan that provides a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder and multi-phase road map for citizen involvement in their political ecosystem. The medical case presentation process encourages citizens to engage in a healthy action-oriented collaborative process that addresses the complexity of the social and political challenges confronting our nation. Using the medical case presentation promotes objective and nonpartisan dialogue built on openness, transparency and participation to explore the various elements that contribute to a problem in order to generate a meaningful treatment plan. Associated psychological issues including cognitive biases, needed incentives and triggers for negative emotions are identified and explored in order to minimize their negative impact and maximize their positive potential. Through progress notes addressing key assessment goals, we are able to adapt to shifting factors to continually address new situations and create potential solutions.

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The Case Presentation on Shrink the Government 

The Case Presentation in Action

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