Citizenism  is developed  by Citizens4Health, an organization motivated by the belief that citizen engagement will contribute to solutions to the big problems that confront our nation. 


Our program provides a different approach from the current toxic political debate on how to address the challenges facing our healthcare system (and our nation). 


For example, when it comes to healthcare, we focus on one question: 


How can we all (patients, doctors and healthcare institutions; citizens, non-for profit organizations and government; consumers and the "private" sector corporations) achieve a sustainable system that provides access to excellent quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans? 

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Shimon Waldfogel 

The Path to The  James Madison Project


I owe James Madison a great personal debt.  My appreciation of Mr. Madison is not for his importance in being the “father” of the constitution, an imperfect document that has provided a framework for our challenged political system. Nor is it for his importance as the fourth president, when he was commander in chief during the war of 1812 and extended the US through the Louisiana Purchase.

My debt to Mr. Madison is more important, it has helped me regain my quest to be an informed citizen, and to embrace Supreme Court justice Lois Brandeis’s assertion that the "The most important political office is that of the private citizen."   Most importantly, my quest to become “an informed” citizen has been great “treatment” for the frustration I experience as a citizen with our current political environment and its detrimental impact on most Americans. Following the ACA legislation, and the battle around its passage and implementation has provided me an opportunity to test and magnify my Madison inspired citizen evolution/transformation.

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