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Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen 


The US constitution, the DNA for the federal government, has been remarkable in providing a fairly stable framework to weather the past 231 years and achieve remarkable success in creating a government that has seen peaceful national elections and succession of political power. During this time the United States has become a global superpower and the standard of living of our citizens has been unprecedented. However, the current political environment highlights the shortcomings of the political system that has emerged in the twenty first century. The political process, defined by the constitution, has been corrupted to the point that it is an existential threat to the US. Culture wars, congressional paralysis if not obstructionism, a polarized electorate, global challenges, the surveillance state, concern regard growing national debt, growing inequality, money’s impact on the political election have all contributed to growing distrust of the federal government.


More and more Americans have been questioning if our political system (Tax) is rigged. The rising inequality and polarization have been a source of great concern for the future of our nation. Americans are viewing their government as removed and not addressing their needs. The role of citizen, claimed by Judge Brandeis to be “the most important public office in the country” has been relegated to consumers of increasing election cycle messaging aimed to potentiate “mutual animosities”. It can be different. Citizenism is inspired by the belief that We the People Can do better. By focusing on the vision that animated our founders and has energized Americans to achieve greatness.


Citizenism: Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen is motivated by the belief that it is up to We the People of the United States to actively engage in our government in order to continuously strive to create “a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”., as ordained and established in our constitution.

Building on James Madison’s process in laying the groundwork, navigating and providing the initial blueprint for the US constitution, and the skill to have it agreed to and implemented, we offer a blueprint for Version 4.0. A version that is true to the vision articulated in the Declaration of Independence, modern understanding of human nature, the challenges confronted by prior versions and the evolving digital age.