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The Citizenism Project is an ambitious, multi-year experiment designed to test the proposition that citizens of the Republic can participate actively in their government. We create a framework,  organize events and provide tools to make it easier for citizens to get involved.


The United States is yet to live up to the promise and vision articulated in the Declaration of Independence. 


The Citizenism Project envisions an active,  well informed  citizenry engaged in a  thriving American democracy that facilitates an opportunity for all Americans to flourish.  


The CItizenism Project mission is ​to create a framework and provide tools that  allow  citizens to become more involved in our democracy. 

What is at Stake

The  Citizenism Project  is launched into a polarized American public that has lost faith in government; views fellow citizens as enemies; political representatives as corrupt; the system as rigged.  Where many fellow citizens were excluded from participation in the national enterprise, denied a voice and marginalized.  An information environment shaped by media and social media players that promote conflict and divisiveness further exacerbates the toxic environment.

Theory of Change 

The Citizenism Project's theory of change builds on the fundamental democratic principle that the citizen is sovereign.  It builds on the understanding of the first principles that were articulated in the Declaration of Independence and informed by the  current challenges confronting the body politic.

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The Citizenism Project contains a number of interconnected elements including: initiatives, programs, and areas of focus that will be made public over the next few years as part of the  We the People @ 250 initiative.

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Kumu Theory of Change .jpeg

Our Values 

Citizen focus 

Salutogenic: Health promoting 

Solution oriented 

Action oriented 


Equity centered

Comprehensive and inclusive 


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