Citizenism: The Journey to Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen is motivated by the belief that it is up to We the People of the United States to actively engage in our government in order to continuously strive to create “a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” as ordained and established in our constitution. 

Building on James Madison’s process in laying the groundwork, navigating and providing the initial blueprint for the US constitution, and the skill to have it agreed to and implemented, we offer a blueprint for Version 6.0. A version that is true to the vision articulated in the Declaration of Independence, modern understanding of human nature, the challenges confronted by prior versions and the evolving digital age.

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Citizenism is committed to provide a framework and tools to leverage technology and scientific insights, embrace crowdsourcing in the service of democracy, and pursues other collaborative activities to address challenges in our society and achieve a strong, healthy political system serving free and enlightened citizens. More specifically:


  • The information and ability to make informed choices as they engage in the civic life of their nation and their communities.

  • The confidence that their voices can be the primary influence shaping the outcomes of policy debates.

  • The faith that their government has the ability to solve important problems despite deep differences of opinion.

  • The ability to leverage technology and wield other tools to engage with their government in a fair and just way.

  • The competence to recognize citizens and organizations that are similarly committed to the ideals of our vision.

  • And most importantly, a deep appreciation of the blessings bestowed on us as individuals through the formation of the first government by consent of the governed. This entails a responsibility to protect the constitutional concept for future generations.


Healthy individuals in healthy communities engaged with  a responsive political system dedicated to securing the right of all people to  life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


By November 2026 every American has the opportunity to:


  • flourish and thrive

  • live and be part of  a healthy community

  • be  part of a responsive representative local and national political system

  • access quality affordable health care services