As Americans, we the people, continue to be  troubled by an array of challenges facing our nation and the failure of the political system to address them. Trust in our governing institutions has reached historic lows as Congress’ approval ratings sinks into the single digits. The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is increasingly questioned. Gridlock and hyper-partisanship have paralyzed our governing bodies, resulting in the least productive Congress in recent history and a political climate that makes problem solving all but impossible. The public’s voice is drowned out as political leaders become ever-more dependent on a relatively small group of large donors and special interests. A growing number of Americans are becoming alienated from the political process. 


As a nation we the people are facing major challenges that our political representatives fail to address adequately:


A few of the symptoms of the pathology of the current US political system.


  • Distrust and alienation from the federal government and the toxic political process

  • The fiscal health of the nation: The budget, debt and deficit

  • Unfair  tax system:A tax system favoring individuals and corporations 

  • Inequality of opportunity, income, wealth and employment

  • An unjust, dysfunctional and expensive healthcare system

  • An out of control legal system, police and prison system

  • Failure to respond to climate change

  • The surveillance state: Privacy and dignity under assault by government and corporations

  • A decaying infrastructure of roads, and bridges

  • A declining public educational system out of reach for many Americans 


We the people can and must do better...and we need you to take part in an effort to Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen to reflect the realities of the twenty-first century. With so much at stake for our nation, it’s time to stop kvetching and start acting.

Featured: The COVID -19 Pandemic Project Citizen Commission  
The challenges of the  COVID-19 Pandemic require a  comprehensive response at all aspects of society.   If you believe as we do that preventable deaths associated with the COVID-19 are unacceptable and largely preventable. If you believe that long-standing systemic issues such as racism, raging inequality have no place in our society. If you would like to help build a more citizen-based framework for citizen engagement to address social challenges.

Components of the James Madison Project and Citizenism


Part one: James Madison and the Republican Experiment - Setting the Framework

Part  two: The Mortal Diseases of the Political System -  Cancer and the Political System 

Part three: Americanization & Civic Rituals 

Part  four: The Pain Opioid Epidemic Project 

Part five: The COVID 19 Project 

Part  six: Reimagine the Constitution 

Part seven:  Citizens4health and The Case of the Healthcare System 

Part  Eight: Health of the Nation & The Pursuit of Happiness 

Part Nine: The 2020 Election


Join Us: Take Part in Citizenism to Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen  in the Political Ecosystem

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