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The Citizenism Project 

A citizen journey to make a more perfect union for all Americans 

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Many Americans are feeling alienated from the political system. 
The Citizenism Project's goal is to empower citizens to make democracy function better. 

We envision an active, well-informed citizenry engaged in a  thriving American democracy that facilitates an opportunity for all Americans to flourish.  
We actively engage fellow citizens of all ages, in multiple settings in a non-partisan equitable manner through the introduction of a framework for deliberation,  live as well as digital events, a citizen toolbox,   civic resources and crowdsourcing activity by individuals and groups to promote the best in democratic life locally and nationally.

Here are 3 ways to take action right now 



Join the journey by participating in various  events that will take place.  Utilize the Citizen toolbox. 

Founder & Framer


Become an active participant in setting the journey. Be part of choosing and organizing events.  


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Follow the journey by signing up to receive updates   

The Pillars of The Citizen Project 

The Citizenism Project contains a number of interconnected programs and areas of focus that will be made public over the next few years. 


We The People @ 250 


We the People @ 250, is a road map that builds on the recognition of the work in progress that is the United States. The effort provides a plan to reclaim the promise of our founders memorialized in the Declaration of Independence. 


Take Part in The Citizenism Project to Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen  in the Political Ecosystem

Upcoming Online Events to Introduce The Citizenism Project
December 20th , 2022 7:00 PM

Introduction to the Citizenism Project

Join the Zoom gathering to introduce  Citizenism and to launch the journey to reclaim the role of the citizen within the political ecosystem.


December   2022 

The Philadelphia Center for Salutogenesis Launch 

The Philadelphia Center for  Salutogenesis envisions healthy, flourishing individuals living in healthy communities supported by a responsive social- political ecosystem that is motivated by and strives to facilitate optimal well being for all citizens.  

January   2023

The First 1000 Days- a Salutogenic Approach 

The First 1000 Days- a Salutogenic Approach  is a project informed and inspired by a belief that in democracy all citizens must have an opportunity to flourish and have the capabilities to participate in the public sphere. The Project’s objective is to test the idea that a citizen-focused process can contribute to, and sets the stage for interventions that support individual well-being, thriving and flourishing lives.

January   2023

Introduction to The Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation

The Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation provides a framework for an action-oriented collaborative process that addresses the complexity of the challenges associated with the opioid epidemic

Join Us at the Health of the Nation Event  To Be Scheduled 
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Health of the Nation is an event that examines and celebrates the improvement of the Health of the Nation. We develop "salutogenic" indicators, ways to measure health, thriving, and flourishing of the individual, the community, and the nation. 


Help Us Develop a Gross Flourishing Indicators  Index 

Complete your Personal  Flourishing  Assessment 

Explore and Share the Flourishing Indicators in Your

Webinars: Featured Deliberation Formats 
The Citizen Brief 

A citizen-focused document, the Citizen Brief presents relevant social and political information to support social and political engagement. A complete Citizen Brief provides a vision for an issue, reframes the problem, provides data, and discusses the various issues and proposals available.

The Case Presentation 

The Medical Case presentation process encourages citizens to engage in a healthy action-oriented collaborative process that addresses the complexity of the social and political challenges confronting our nation.

The Citizen Commission 

The Citizen Commission offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the cultural, social, political challenges confronting us as individuals, members of our community and citizens of the nation and the world. It provides a structure for citizens to collaborate, identify, analyze, develop, implement and monitor a solution-based “treatment plan” for our challenges. 

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